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Seif Design, Maailma ainsad kivist kaarditaskud

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Peak of minimalism

Some people find that minimalism helps them achieve more balance and contentment in their lives. Our card wallets are designed to be as minimalist as possible, to make your life easier. It's pleasantly small and convenient, to keep up with the fast pace of modern life and focus on more important things.

Stone is forever

In Seif Design card wallets, we utilize stone design, which makes our products close to nature and unique. Just like wood, stone patterns never repeat, giving each card wallet a distinctive texture and appearance. Stone is a durable and strong material, making it an ideal element to carry along.

Closer to nature with Seif

Seif Design does everything to keep itself and its products as close to nature as possible. The stone used in our design is like a piece of nature that you can always carry with you. We also use only fully recyclable materials in our packaging and have switched our work processes to completely solar powered green energy. We encourage everybody to preserve nature and move towards a greener future together.

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